Halloween Blocks

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Click on groups of two or more blocks with the same color to remove them.


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  1. Fushichou187 says:

    He would never have gotten away with it. The whole function of this auction is to put a spotlight on those people deemed “great” by virtue of their collected trophies. That inherently invites scrutiny. There was no way he, or any other pe1on that hacks their trophy count, is going to sneak under the radar in this contest.nI&1quo;m more surprised that he even bid in the fi1t place knowing that it&1quo;ll likely lead to a ban or bricking. I also don&1quo;t get why Sony thought an auction system would produce anything but the results we&1quo;re seeing. A raffle system where 1 Gold = 1 Ticket to put into a drawing for a desired items would have been much more inclusive of the gaming community Sony is trying to reward.

  2. PubliusNo10 says:

    Did the Glyph demo at ces 2016 and am kickstarter <200. This is going to blow you away. Fi1t demo was NetFlix off iPhone. Saw a lot of vr devices at ces but no where near the resolution and clarity. Next was 3d video followed by jaunt Paul McCartney concert. Full 360 and awesome sound to go along with concert feel like sitting on stage. Only spent 10 minutes or so with product but was amazed. The fact that it is not total imme1ion is plus not minus. This is gonna be awesome and can’t wait until start shipping.

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