Underwater Creatures Jigsaw Puzzle

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Can you solve this jigsaw puzzle?


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  1. Anusic says:

    I have played The Lost Tita1 and I must strongly disagree with you about it&1quo;s nomination for best browser game. Only thing that is good there is graphics. PvP system sucks. P2W playe1 are unbeatable and ZQGame is not doing anything to prevent that. Many playe1 gave great suggestio1 on how to stop p2w or atleast to make it less p2w, but all they&1quo;re saying is, we can&1quo;t do that. Game is 80% PvP area but no matter where you go, in pvp area, you&1quo;ll land on p2w guy. I&1quo;m one of those pvp guys but this game is so disbalanced and pvp system sucks real hard.

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