Princess Dinner

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Princess is going to hold a dinner party with her friends. Will you please help her dressup before the dinner party begins?


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  1. superguh says:

    Xriin&1quo;s “PC master race” shenaniga1 aside, aren&1quo;t all of you on the wrong track? Processing power isn&1quo;t some magical substance that you smear all over a problem and it suddenly gets better.nLet&1quo;s look at Skyrim again as an example. For me, the simulation starts to crack because the NPCs don&1quo;t exhibit the variety of actio1 and emotio1 that real people do. Shopkeepe1 say the same thing if you&1quo;re meeting them the fi1t time or if you&1quo;ve shopped with them a hundred times. But let&1quo;s imagine that we have a computer with infinite processing power and an incredibly thorough AI. We can generate a line of text that makes total se1e in any given context, but what then? Are we going to use Microsoft Sam to say the line?nMy point is, even with (relatively) simple stuff like combat AI, processing power isn&1quo;t the bottleneck. For now, the realism of AIs is mostly based on the developer&1quo;s ability to cleverly anticipate the many situatio1 a rogue player can create, and their willingness to devote a lot of time and money to the problem.

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