Crazy Jumping Driver

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rnYou’re a crazy jumping driver against the clock! Swerve to avoid other cars…or just jump right over them!


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  1. dalrek says:

    Many games are already ported to PC where they have the ability to adjust graphical assets and fidelity depending on the user’s hardware. It would just take extending this to co1oles to support, and if it’s a small number of possible hardware revisio1 for the upgradable co1ole hardware (e.g. 3 total APU possibilities vs. X CPUs and Y GPUs), it’d be easy for a developer to set the fidelity per revision w/o the user having to care.nThis will mostly affect co1ole exclusives that don’t already build this capability, but because Microsoft generally has a hand in all XO exclusives, they could easily help steer it towards the simple graphic fidelity configurability for their co1ole.

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