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CONTROLS:rnrnrn- Cursor left/right or A/D keys: Move the falling fruits left/right.rnrnrn- Cursor up or W keys: Swap the falling fruits order.rnrnrn- Cursor down or S keys: Speed up the falling fruits.rnrnrn- Space bar: Activate the magic totem (when has at least one charged piece)rnrnrnGroup 3 or more fruits of the same kind for the Troglums to collect. When the Troglums have collected a certain number of fruits, the game difficulty level increases, more Troglums join the village, they improve their homes, and each 6 levels a new totem piece will be available (up to 4 pieces).rnrnrnThe totem must be recharged to be used. Charge the totem by collecting fruits, and once there’s at least one totem piece fully charged, it can be used, releasing the highest charged piece power. The totem powers are:rnrnrn- First power: Collect a random fruit.rnrnrn- Second power: Collect a random row of fruits.rnrnrn- Third power: Collect a random column of fruits.rnrnrn- Fourth power: Collect all fruits of a random kind.


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