Speed King

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Use LEFT and RIGHT to steer, UP to accelerate and DOWN for brakes. Drive as fast as you can.


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  1. Rhine Stone says:

    I believe AuntyJ is right and remember everyone is different so i might believe that Battle field heroes is better but thats differn&1quo;t but both of the games are aculy different and are pay to win if you compare the starter gu1 with most of other gu1 being sold for money you will find but in BFH you have slitely free to play as you can get a weapon upgrade for VP (free points from playing) to get weapon upgrades it still is a pay to win and mostly every one who plays it pays and that is what EA wants if we all stand up and email them and stop playing these games they will have to make it a micro tra1action game or you can get everything free but if you want it sooner you can pay.

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