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Military Units Jigsaw game will take you right to the battlefield. You may smell the odor of war. You’ll be able to see diverse military cars. In this game you’ll be able to see a terrific image of the distinct military units that happen to be used in the war. Appear carefully at this image after which press shuffle. It will split into pieces after you press shuffle. The aim of your game is to solve the jigsaw and to place the pieces to the proper place.


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  1. MSPro says:

    im sorry bro but u are just terribly wrong….
    deserves to be the most epic game ever made by Korea
    and wonderking fuqin copied them.
    i saw a skill logo of the I/Lmage ThunderBolt skill
    on wonderking Mages
    to be honest i played wonderking before i ever knew maplestory i think i remembered that my lvl was like lvl 30-35..
    but who cares! Wonderking ended! it got shutdown
    a number of playe1 from there came to MS.
    its possible nexon is being crappy but people always change.
    u never know a company janitor is gonna stop this and bust in the conference table and say wise words to the people.

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