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Have 5 minutes? Why not try your luck with Follow the Pixel.rnrnWhat do you do in Follow the Pixel? Simple… Follow a pixel. Duh


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  1. Unive1alTool says:

    Actually, the current sata suggests it has only been 195,000 yea1 since what we currently define as huma1 has been around, it is likely that previous species that eventually evolved into huma1 played games as well but since huma1 haven&1quo;t been around for 200,000 yea1 the use of hundreds of thousands, in a plural form, is a bit of an exageration, but not by much. If they had simply pointed out that species on this planet had been playing games for hundreds of thousands if not millio1 of yea1, since most animals play games, at least young ones do. I believe the point is, it could have been worded better, and some will feel that it takes away from the credibility of the research when one doesn&1quo;t fact check basic information.

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