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You are a secret agent and you received a mission to destroy some enemy targets. Your plan was very good but somehow the attack was spotted by your enemies so they planted a bomb on your car and many obstacles on the road. If you do not maintain your speed above 80 km per hour and under 200 km per our, a timer will start the countdown for a bomb that will explode after five seconds. Shut down the timer by taking care of your speed. So you are on a double mission: eliminate enemy targets and fight for your life. Your driving skills will save you from an imminent death. Only if you eliminate all the targets, the device that is controlling the bomb will go off. Good luck and enjoy the adventure!


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  1. Not says:

    Hacke1 are not that bad in APB, as in meaning the power of the hacks. I&1quo;ve played more than 2.5k hou1 of APB and you&1quo;d have to be a really good player to be a really good hacker. The hack itself won&1quo;t make you beat good playe1.
    But yes, there are a lot of trigger botte1 and recoil, double clicking scripts, nothing too major.

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