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Trade Stocks like a Pro. Warning: Only a Game, so you won’t lose any money.


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  1. Annora says:

    I&1quo;ve had the exact same experience before. I have several N7 hoodies and I almost never leave the house without one. I get a lot of guys giving me highfives, one time I had a 20 minute conve1ation with a Greyhound bus driver about Garrus Vakarian cause he asked me where I got my hoodie.nBut then I go into EB Games, and I&1quo;m still treated like I&1quo;m buying this for my child (I don&1quo;t have kids) or my boyfriend (I play waaay more games than my husband does). Like, can you not see my hoodie? My Legend of Zelda wallet that I&1quo;m holding in my hand right in front of you? What about my gaming-themed print tees? My closet is FULL of them and I wear one every day. Come on.nRidiculous assumptio1. I&1quo;m currently training to become a rigger, that is my goal. I will be making video games in the very near future. Fistbump of solidarity, my friend. We&1quo;re in this together.

  2. Evildead3000 says:

    Huge Aisha fan. Great comedian and a true authentic hardcore gamer. Love that she&1quo;s a part of Watch Dogs. Look forward to encountering her character. Archer 4 Life! lol

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