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Send your seeds flying to the far edges of the Bird-king’s kingdom!

Upgrade the seeds and plant them at the right spots, blooming beautiful flowers in your path.

This game saves your progress. If your progress is not saved:
– Make sure your browser allows cookies.
– Make sure your browser doesn’t delete cookies on exit.
– Make sure you are not browsing in private / incognito mode.
– If you are using any software that deletes cookies (like CCleaner), disable that feature.

– Swipe left to inhale, then swipe right to blow and send the seeds flying.
– Click to drop petals.
– Swipe while seeds are flying for second wind (if you have unlocked it).


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  1. ViLe32 says:

    Agreed wholeheartedly. Sports in general (aside from soccer) has been suffering from the lack of competition. Live 16 actually isn’t TERRIBLE. It isn’t good lol, but it’s a game that you hope EA will keep working on, because there’s a solid game in there, way down deep…

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