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Go Shopping Plus is a Mathematics skill based puzzle game where you need to spend all of your money to purchase a fix number of toys.Click on a toy to purchase it . If you want to return then click on purchased item and get back your money. To win a level spend all of your money.


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  1. TheSwamper says:

    A fun article. The author’s passion for the game is clear and infectious. I played nothing but 1e for yea1. D&D still is and forever will remain my go-to game for fantasy.nThe only part of the article I didn’t agree with was this:n“you rolled those dice and you were stuck with your roll. And that randomness … meant you could potentially have a really shitty character.nIn Fi1t Edition you had to just live with it.”nHow is that fun? Oh boy, I get to play a really shitty character? If that’s what you like then play that. But don’t force a player to play a shitty character cause “Oh well.”nI can enjoy the lethality of 1e, but not the notion that bad luck (before you even start!) mea1 you get to play something that you might not enjoy.

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