The Last Ninja From Another Planet

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A mad scientist created a mutant army and attacked many planets. Almost all living things die in this attack. But there is one planet which one survivor still remains . This survivor used a forbidden technique of passing through the time to get back when mutant was created.


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  1. SecretAgentHulk says:

    pushes glasses up nose As far as I unde1tand:n> Thrall are female.n> Acolytes are female.n> Wizards (including Savathun) are female.n> Knights (including Xivu Arath) are male.n> Kings (including Oryx and the Osmium King) are male.nKings are technically their own morph (Book of Sorrow 2:0) distinct from the Knight morph. It is possible that wings are a feature of the King morph, but more likely Oryx became able to grow them at will because of his covenant with the Worm (Book of Sorrow 4:5; 5:1).

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