Guess The Words 2

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Highscores word game with 2 game modes and hundreds of words!

How to play: Simply drag the pairs to the slots in the correct order to create a word!


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  1. Silver Joystix says:

    Thank God for Steam refunds. I purchased this game on Thu1day night (11/5/15) shortly after 10:00pm EST. I woke up around 4:30am on Friday (11/6/15) anxiously awaiting the opportunity to get a few rounds of Team Deathmatch in before I had to be at work by 7:00am EST. The fi1t time I tried to start the game, my system completely froze. I said, “no biggie” and exited the program and applied the Nvidia driver update. The second time I tried to open the game, I received an error.exe message. Despite never receiving that with any of my other games, I said “that’s odd”, and proceeded to close the program again undeterred. The third time I tried to open the game, the game froze again as soon as the soldier on the opening sequence attempt to turn his head.nAt this point, I also realized my PC had basically slowed to a halt. I couldn’t do anything but shut it down and restart it.nUpon restarting it, i1tead of trying to execute the game for a third time, I decided to click on Steam support and I searched and found the Refund request optio1 (which seem to be a little bit more buried now coincidentally). Nonetheless, Valve offe1 the single best storefront option on the market right now.nI requested my refund right around 5:00am EST. To my surprise, my refund was processed before 7:00am EST!! The turnaround was mind blowing.nNow, that I have my $60.00 back in my pocket I will probably go back to Steam and buy Fallout 4 next week unless I find myself at the gentlemen’s club this weekend.nBut, if I don’t spend that money on lap dances, I will definitely give it back to developer / publisher that cares about making games on PC.nI don’t know how in the world the beta for Black Ops 3 was functional on PC but the final release of the game doesn’t work at all.nTreyarch and Call of Duty and Activision can all go to hell as far as I am concerned.

  2. nzhdeh says:

    I want to play Armored Warfare because I need some se1e of modern. warfare. My deepest respect to those to gave their lives in the the battlefields of WW2. Now it is time to pay tribute to heroes of Sinai and Golan heights.

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