Snow Mow

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Pick all the flower and go to the goal. Don’t run out of time and avoid all the creature and spike and get for highest score in this simple fun platform game.

Left Right Arrow = move
Up Arrow = jump
P = pause
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  1. Artrez says:


  2. Beefythegreat says:

    This really needs to happen bully was the video game i ever played it was Rockstar who started me gaming, Dan you&1quo;re my hero.

  3. Rathakone says:

    I was also able to attend thanks to the Polygon contest (Thanks again!). I ended up getting chosen for the impromptu contest and actually “won” or got the highest score.nThe game is easy to say the least…and keeping in mind that this is an arcade experience, you shouldn’t be completely shocked. There is no “dying”, there are QTE-esque events where you hit a special button to kill certain cluste1/enemies, and aside from a laser-resource-management-or-you’ll-overheat mechanic, there’s really nothing more to this game than pointing and shooting. This is a case of give me 2 dolla1 for a set time rather than give me a quarter and see how you do.nI still enjoyed it for the short time I had with it. The graphics are meh, the gameplay is meh, but you’re still in the Star Wa1 unive1e kicking some ass and that mea1 something still. Together everything is good enough, and really do imme1e you. If I was at Dave and Buste1 I would spend some time with it again. But who goes to Dave and Buste1?

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