Egg Crush

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Collect groups of eggs as quickly as possible, advance to higher scoring levels by fulfilling your progress meters to maximise your score.

Get huge groups for extra bonus points, in a game where speed as well as cunning can give you an advantage.

Instructions and Controls

Collect groups of 2 or more matching eggs, complete each of the progress bars to complete each level.

You have 90 seconds score as high as you can.
Use the mouse to select and collect each group of eggs.


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  1. Acco D'Avies says:

    Round robin group stage, followed by double elim tournament. Sorry, but Riot, you suck at designing a storyline to follow. Valve figured it out from TI2 onward. The round robin allows for proper seeding of teams into the tournament, and is a bunch of games for viewe1 to watch… and the double elim e1ures that the best teams get to the top for an exciting final series.nOh, and while I&1quo;m at it… 1 month with weeks in between events = no hype.nNo advantage to any team that qualifies. Just an equal test of endurance and willpower to win.

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