The Peacekeeper

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In a distant-near future where Global Peace is attained, perceptions of reality can become muddled.

Berzerk Studio presents their rendition of a peaceful utopia; play as the Peacekeeper and promote peace and morality through any mean necessary.


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  1. Rhoades Clark says:

    I always wonder about other Twitter spheres. I wonder if gaming Twitter is used the same as film, fashion or music Twitter. Do all music journalists know and follow each other and talk about the state of music press? I don’t know why, but I doubt it.

  2. Mr. Ash says:

    I can honestly say I’m not afraid of loosing anything due to the growing feminist nose poking. I’ve played ‘misogynistic’ games for all my life and not once have they warped my thinking on real world women. nA video game is an escape from reality, not a view into the subco1cious of a malicious individual. It’s just as ludicrous, if not as stupid, as the belief something like Grand Theft Auto is turning our kids into mass murde1. It simply isn’t true and is a non issue.

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