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Don’t you just love babies? Aren’t they like the cutest things on Earth? Their innocent laughter just makes you want to hug them all day. Today you are a lucky girl because you get to babysit the cutest baby you have ever seen. Little Franklin is very playful and full of energy and loves to be taken cared of. If it’s your first day as a babysitter you are probably really excited and that a good thing, you will surely get the hang of it soon. As we all know babies cannot take a bath without their rubber ducky and other toys so make sure you don’t forget to add his ducky because frankly nobody likes to see a sad baby. After bathing him it’s pajama time! Here is the fun part, you get to choose whatever outfit you like for the baby, anything from a cute little teddy bear outfit to a monster themed one. Make sure he likes it too. You should probably sing him a lullaby as he falls asleep and goes to dreamland for a perfect end to a perfect baby day.rnrn


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  1. Fenixrisingxl21 says:

    Honestly don&1quo;t mind this, as I&1quo;m a Predator fan.nThat being said, I may have to wait until this launches on PS4 to play it.nLast time I checked a week or so ago, the XB1 ve1ion still had the same framerate issues introduced by either the O1laught DLC preparation patch, or the DLC itself.nCan anyone tell me if the XB1 ve1ion has since been fixed?nI can&1quo;t even find a mention online of Infinity Ward acknowledging the issue, or at least stating they&1quo;re looking into it.nIf I am incorrect, please let me know.

  2. Raddish says:

    On one hand, I&1quo;m very skeptical that they&1quo;ve switched to another studio. That and the fact it&1quo;s a prequel.nOn the other hand, The Incredible Hulk: UD (which shouldn&1quo;t be confused with the 2008 film&1quo;s tie-in game) was easily the best superhero game I ever played before Rocksteady took over Batman. The fact that the former&1quo;s director is taking over the latter franchise is actually poetic in a strange way.

  3. MikeyDeef says:

    Am I crazy for saying the visuals only look ok? Skyrim remaster looks much better, then again the graphics of Bioshock were never really lacking.

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