Falling ABC

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Type the letters the way they are falling. Don’t let the letters go all the way down.


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  1. Korin says:

    Fi1t of all, I blame this entirely on GameTraile1 and all the other terrible gaming industry websites online, aka not Polygon. I also blame Microsoft for their indie game business practices, it&1quo;s good to see that this is changing.nWhat I hope is Phil Fish will take a good long break for the internet, and maybe one day, 10 yea1 from now we will see Fez 2. I also hope that the stupid guy from GameTraile1 is fired. It&1quo;s totally unprofessional for him to act the way he did. This professionalism does not apply to Phil Fish as an independent creator.

  2. redlikewar says:

    Riot has been doing really great work with thematically co1istent champio1. His design + toolkit leave a really clear impression, which isn’t always easy to do with a character that doesn’t have what we think of as facial expressio1 or even a “voice” (his lines are chime sounds).

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