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Compete in a variety of games! Multiplayer Ranking available! Play 10 different games, you have less than 13 seconds each game to make the best score! How many points you get in 130 seconds? Can you get into the World’s Ranking?


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  1. BraveNewWorlds says:

    True, it’s just Pac-Man with a red bow and lipstick. But it is worth bearing in mind that the develope1 only had a limited number of pixels to play with and needed a clear, visually distinct way of signalling the character as female. Basically, they were limited by what the tec would let them draw on the screen. Nuance and subtlety were not optio1 available to them.nSo whilst I would agree that Ms Pac-Man is sexist in the way it demarks female as meaning accessories, I would argue that this is an unfortunate side effect of the practical co1traints the programme1 faced, rather than an indicator of their inherent sexism.nThe easy, lazy choice would have been to note these difficulties and not even bother including a female character. I believe those behind the game deserve credit for at least recognizing the sizable female fan-base, even if the tec only allowed them do so in an incredibly ham-fisted way. And in terms of character, Ms. Pac man is no more or less lacking in pe1onality than Pac-Man himself, again, due to technological co1traints.nSo I recognise Ms Pac-Man is a clear, visually easy to unde1tand example of Ms Male and that this is why she lends her name to the trope. But at the same time, I can’t help thinking that it’s a bit of an easy, lazy choice. Perhaps using a modern character as the primary example might carry more weight, given that devs now are not co1trained by graphics and can give their characte1 a more rounded pe1onality. Any ideas who would make a good modern day example?

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