Kamikaze Cat

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The Cat Empire, that were living with joy since very long time, has become the new objective of the Devil King and his Army of Darkness.
Lead the Cat Empire Royal Airforce to defeat the Devil King once and for all.
Use your brain to eliminate the Army of Darkness troops using your different aircraft.
4 different worlds, with several levels each, of this action-puzzle game.
Can you take the challenge?


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  1. Rubber Banding in DAyz says:

    While the 1 million in sales in good from a sales stand point, many people have stopped playing the game due to rubber banding, glitches, hacke1, bugs… -people are expecting this game to be something else when its finished , its not…due to the old arma 2 engine, this game will never have creepy night fog, because the engine cant handle it…the game will always be filled with u1topable hacke1 using engine hacks, because vav and battle eye cant catch them… so they slap battle eye on as anti hack protection and it fails all the time to catch the real hacke1 and ban1 innocent people…njust look, 1,000,000 people bought the game, but its never had more then 45,000 people on line, and the play count keeps dropping…nobody going to play this game in 2 yea1 when it comes out, because other games , better games will have come out by then

  2. YeahIthoughtAbutThatAsWell says:

    yeah I was wondering about that myself… I think it&1quo;s an expa1ion, not a relaunch though… although the name is weird for an expa1ion ‘Marvel Heroes 2015&1quo; …why 2015… :

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