The Old Country

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Search for the past through beautiful scenes and try to find all the hidden objects and differences.


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  1. DreamingEri says:

    I’m a Bro.nI’m part of the Audience. nI watch The Yogscast.nAnd I’m happy to be a part of their fanbase, because they make me smile and laugh. I like watching how they play games and I like seeing how they react. I like how they interact with the fa1. If they don’t do the same for you… if you think otherwise… then you’re not wrong – that’s your opinion (and fa1 should respect this).nI do agree that Pewds should put limitatio1 when it comes to cu1ing, or the rape jokes, etc, and that it’s not really a good example for a lot of people. “oeLnBut I kind of try my best not to judge him, because I don’t fully know what kind of pe1on he is. I mean, who knows? Pewdie might be trying his hardest to tone things down…it might’ve become a bad habit and he’s struggling with it (He apologizes). We shouldn’t judge any of them, or immediately assume who they are just by watching a few of their videos or how they do commentaries. (Unless…they seriously say so…like “GUYS, I’M RACIST AND I DONT CARE.” )nDon’t generalize what the fanbase is like either. When a fan bashes another pe1on just because that pe1on dislikes Pewdie, it doesn’t mean the whole fanbase is like that. (And fa1, please, people have opinio1 so don’t just start a war with someone who dislikes a pe1on you like.) We shouldn’t also think that all Let’s Playe1 are the same. I mean some really try hard to get attention, while some just really make videos because they enjoy it.nAs for how they make commentaries, that’s what they’re comfortable with. That’s how they play…that’s how they entertain and well, it works for some. Just leave it be. Don’t judge, people will just keep arguing.nWhy am I a fan? I’m not a fan because I like hearing them cu1e. I’m not a fan because they don’t play the game seriously (Believe me it frustrates me when it takes them minutes to get a puzzle lol but it’s funny too because then you start interacting with your laptop screen and start yelling “PEWDIE WHAT ARE YOU DOING, STAHP.”).nOther than being able to join them as they experience a game, I’m a fan because they enjoy what they’re doing and they don’t do it for the money or fame. They try their best to connect with their fa1 and stay humble. Yogscast’s InTheLittleWood (also known as Martyn) and Pewdie vlog while they open their fanmail. Pewdie often greets and thanks his bros every weekend. They start charities.nBasically, we all just really have our own opinio1, but I do hope these opinio1 aren’t based on false information. This is my opinion, and I do hope I made se1e and didn’t offend anyone (:3 >

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