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Here is a game where children could manage a sandwich shop, make sandwiches as well as money and exit as a sharper and more responsible person. The game is a virtual hang out for foodies and helps them to stay with food without building the calories. As a waiter, you are expected to make prescribed amount within the stipulated time duration. We would be as glad as you, if you could make more. The task is pretty easy with bread pieces, greens, cheese, sauce and onions. All you need to do is to arrange the ingredients in the order in which the kids ask them and deliver them in time. The orders are timed. The game works well with kids & Girls who are aged 3 to 15.


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  1. Bierno says:

    This is a great way for people to level up and try the game..
    if you dont like it then dont go premium.. if you enjoy it then support the game so there be more patches by paying monthly for the game so you can PvP and Raid as much as you want
    alot of people havent tried the game before so atleast people are given the option to try the game and levle up all the way to level 50 and even try a bit of PvP

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