Last Car Standing

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Prove your driver skills in this armed car contest and be the last car standing in this awesome racing game packed with heavy weapons ready to take you out. challenge of adrenaline pumping racing actions.


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  1. Talion says:

    GlassDragon, don’t count on it. They are fools. Guild leveling? gone. That was on par with garriso1. Playe1 found ways around it, so they’re dumping it (and in reality dumped it in MoP, just didn’t advertise it as such). They’re going to look at Garriso1, realize that scaling them into the next xpac would imply that they’d have to think more than 10 minutes, and they’ll either A) scrap them and have us build “new” ones, or B) scrap the idea altogether – still letting us build them in WoD, but not “need” them in the follow up.

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