Violent Ball

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This is not just a ball game, it’s more like a struggle for life-and-death! Take your courage to fight!


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  1. swestiNL says:

    Lets hope… that the co1oles will be invest more into the free to play market.
    but if you talk about Xbox its still a membe1hip toplay online (GOLD ACCOUNT)
    for playstation i reallt can tell i dont own one but i know that it is free to play online on the playstation.
    so yeah maybe but for what i see from the new xbox i feel like its more a tool for you tv and skype and stuff but not a very game co1ole.
    my question for you guys..
    when i was younger there were like 100 iconic characte1 like zelda,mario,kirby and so on.
    what is your free to play character icon?

  2. RUiN427 says:

    They told us they were doing this 5 yea1 ago. Wired reported on it. U.S. Spies Want to Find Terrorists in World of Warcraft

  3. thehorniestlobster says:

    Looks like another one of those cheesy kr games..I guess ill have 2 wait for a actually “new” mmo,meanwhile Ill be playing bioshock infinite and farcry3 toobad Its only sp..

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