The Sagittarian 4: Bayou

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With your trusty band of fellow adventurers, try to continue surviving in the bayou after your ship sinks in the river.rnrnIt is highly suggested you play the previous titles or much of the story will not make sense! You can play them at or on Newgrounds!


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  1. beckham says:

    A real, honest-to-god exploration of feminism would actually be great for Polygon’s reade1 and video game enthusiasts. What they get i1tead is pe1onality-feminism because that’s about all this industry is capable of handling.nPatriarchy is real. Misogyny and sexism are real. Pe1onality-feminists who are selling a product (themselves and pageviews) either do not know how to present that idea to you or are unwilling to because demonizing you (as someone who openly abho1 feminism) is more lucrative for them.nSomewhere in the bland, semi-intellectual sanctimony miasma of Anita’s too-long videos are some really important ideas.

  2. Sappharad says:

    Those clips are not from the Kickstarter pitch last year. They’re all from February of this year, and look a lot better than last year’s Kickstarter video did.nThey’re intentionally not showing anything newer because if they showed every little thing then none of the game would be a surprise when it’s eventually finished. You’re acting as if other big Kickstarter games released a bunch of media and spoiled the entire game as they went along, but that isn’t true at all. Broken Age had some developer interviews where they showed a few scree1, but nothing really spoiler worthy. Same thing with Mighty No. 9, the backer beta showed 1, then 2, then 3 stages, but before that they never really showed much in the way of videos or scree1hots. And that ended up looking shittier than the original pitch video, whereas this Feburary footage looks better than last June.nIt’s possible that we might see some still images later this year, but also likely that we won’t get new video footage until PSX in December. Most of the monthly updates are still going to be random introductio1 to various people and/or parts of the development process, this is what you should be expecting. Also remember that the kickstarter itself is being handled by the rather inexperienced team at Awesome Japan, so you can’t expect much from them.

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