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Sudoku re-imagined! Play this fresh take on the classic puzzle game. You’ve never played Sudoku like this before. Designed to challenge your Sudoku skills in a new way. Sudoku pieces fall one at a time from the top of the screen. You must drop them onto the Sudoku board below, making sure to follow Sudoku rules. Break the rules and you lose a life.


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  1. taiki says:

    I agree but it gets really tricky and messy. Because it seems like your sentiment is that someone else’s sexuality isn’t my business, and overall that’s true, but if they’re interested in me for sex, I’d like to know.nBut the bigger problem is that I don’t think our culture exists at a point where in the mai1tream we can make these finer distinctio1.

  2. Nation764 says:

    I don’t get why Midship is so well liked. To me the whole map looks the same and I find it confusing, disorientating, and just plain inferior to most other maps. I would put it in my bottom 25% of Halo maps for sure, yet some people think it is fantastic. Why?

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