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Escape from the family room by finding and matching all the objects in the room. rnrnPlace the objects you found in the appropriate puzzles and discover clues. rnrnUse the clues to escape from the room.rnGood luck.


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  1. Gimzy says:

    It started off as an obsession, but after playing for a couple of months, it&1quo;s now just a matter of who has better draws and guessing your opponents hand. Once you know what all the cards do and have enough legendary cards to compete in higher ranks, all it really is, is luck. Everyone plays the same legendary cards so you just have to bait them or play you1 smarter. Tur1 into a snooze fest seeing the same decks over and over and over again.

  2. DEADMANXXX says:

    I cant get the KEY ?! :[

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