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Bright and unusual nail polish – all the girls just love it! Emily and Ami arranged an evening of manicure.rnInstructions:rnUse your mouse to click on the buttons and to change numerous clothes items and backgrounds.


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  1. f. says:

    What does it matter? PC games are just co1ole ports nowadays anyway. You might get more resolution/multi monitor support, a bit more texture/model detail, and fancier effects, but that&1quo;s about it. Nothing spectacular enough to make the vast computing power advantage of PCs make a huge difference.n3dmark Fire Strike Extreme has already been defeated by the graphics prowess of the Titan. Great. Where are the games that look like /that/?nAll it took was the Xbone announcement event to give a quick summary of co1oles these days: “call of duty call of duty call of duty, TV TV TV”. So we can watch TV on our TV, and play more carbon copy cookie cutter co1ole games.nSorry, guess I&1quo;m just a little jaded. I&1quo;m more interested in how quickly mobile graphics parts are catching up than in how far PCs are ahead. AMD should never have sold Adreno to Qualcomm; they&1quo;d have been in quite a nice position now.

  2. PoppaQapp says:

    Well said, Ben. It is his vulnerability that makes IM3 my favorite of the three, btw. The human aspect of this Super Figure is the most interesting to me.

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