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An extraordinary voyage around the world… and beyond!

Avoid perilous enemies… or fight them head on!

Collect wonderful treasures… and improve your airship!


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  1. APerfidiousDane says:

    I like how she says “I was just hitting shit” when she wasn’t actually hitting anything, lol.

  2. SixSixTrample says:

    Well, several things have changed. There have been a lot of negative interactio1 with the community in all of those games. The layoffs including the biggest community face for EQ Landmark – Dave Georgeson. The removal of forums, the removal customer service for EQ/EQ2, the snide comments about ‘rolling a new character’…nTo me, the actual actio1 of this company fly directly in the face of ‘building communities’

  3. Marionetta says:

    I didn’t read all of this, but I heard something about her English bank and I have to comment: Her bank isn’t made for speaking English. Other than a few words, she speaks entirely Japanese. Luka, on the other hand, is more English-friendly. If they used Luka for that song i1tead of Miku, it wouldn’t have sounded so weird.

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