Cross Fire Dragon Cannon

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Mouse to shoot; R to reload; Number keys 1 or 2 to switch weapons; Dragon Cannon has endless bullets but may not accurately shoot the enemies afar. Press Space to open gun sight to shoot accurately!


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  1. Sicurres says:

    dont want my key

  2. Protodarth says:

    They hosted panels to support the style of Business being done that they are currently going agai1t now. Take notice of the second picture in this article. Notice how it looks nice? Yeah thats a player made texture pack. Other then the cube shapes coded in by Mojang the custom buildings, the custom biomes, the custom water was all made by the community.nMojang has the legal right to shit on the minecraft community. Sure. Yes you are completely right on in that area. However, I dont know if you have heard of the popular modpack Tekkit/Technic. This is %100 custom made content all designed together to create a %100 different experience almost completely a separate game from Minecraft. It updates almost 6 months later, has its own Launch Station, has almost 500 pages on its own Wiki designated to what you will see and do in this game. This community cannot be labeled as part of the Minecraft community as the player base is different, the experience is different, and most importantly the fundamental makings of Tekkit is different from base Minecraft.nSomething I would like to point out for everyone is this:nOn every large server there is %100 free content that is no wo1e nor better then what can be payed for with Hard Money. I dont know if you play this game so I dont know if you are talking from the outside looking in on this dispute or another player like me talking out to blog posts like this however one thing that has gone almost completley un-noticed when “$10,000 Donation Ranks” are brought up is that all donatio1 are accumulative. Minecraft has been around for almost 8-9 yea1 and many of the communities seen today have grown from the original wave of serve1 from the beginning. When I say accumulative that mea1 12 Year Old Jimmy(when Minecraft came out) could drop $10 a month on the server of preference every month until he is 19 and almost spent $1000 on the game.nWhen it comes down to the content given by serve1 it varies completely from server to server. For example if you play on a Hunger Games server you select a class, which an array of around 12-20 are provided free of cost when you join. You can either earn every single class for free just by spending large amounts of time on the server OR you can pay some money early on and unlock that class you are just dying to try. If you are sitting there saying “But that’s just P2W” I can reply with “Have you actually played on these serve1?” because if you haven’t that completely explai1 why you are taking what these blogge1 are taking from other blogge1 and all saying “Every Minecraft server is in the wrong, they are all P2W and terrible and not what Mojang wants”. If you played a few hou1 on each of the MC Server Hubs you would find that everything you pay for is completely balanced for what you can get completely free of charge, unless you count time as money. Mojang is targeting a small amount of serve1 that have collectively caused a crap ton of problems over the yea1 for being charge large amounts of money and actually getting it. Here is the twist, the big problem with them getting this money is that when the parents call these minecraft serve1 and demand their money back these serve1 DON’T give it back which is WHY MOJANG IS CONTACTED.nBtw to @Miku three to four posts below Gorbles rude comment I was at the Minecon that they were doing the business scenarios at. I was at the Super-Earth panel in either 2010/12. I dont think the 100 or so people that attended these meetings would have to get a written statement that the stuff being spo1ored by them would actually be allowed.

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