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Sin city’s movie star, Jessica Alba, is having some problems with the shooting of the new movie, the part 2 of sin city movie. You should help her with this problem, find the best makeup that can make her look better, and an elegant dress of course, see if you can mix up some accessories and she should look perfect for the next part of Sin City.


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  1. UltimateWalrus says:

    Just to play the devil’s advocate here. I am in full support of LBGT rights. However, I’m also a game developer. I regard a game as a work of art. And I honestly think Nintendo should be able to put whatever they want in a game.nTake this as an example. I am a SCUBA diver and I believe strongly that people should be respectful of and make efforts to preserve marine life. However, I just made a game where you are in a submarine and have to shoot and kill hostile marine life. It doesn’t mean that’s what I actually believe people should do. And I don’t believe my game is going to make people go out and do that, either. It’s just what was best for the game itself, for its gameplay and its strength as a work of art. Just as Nintendo stated for their game, my game was not intended to be a social commentary.nTomodachi life does not mean the entire company of Nintendo is agai1t gay rights. In my opinion, you are reading way too far into a small facet of this game’s design to further your agenda (which, as I have said, is an agenda I agree with).nI haven’t played Tomodachi (and I suspect a great deal of people here who are chastizing Nintendo haven’t either), but for all I know it could have been a similar creative conflict. Would it be worth it if the gameplay got wo1e, as a sacrifice to make everyone feel better about its political correctness? From our pe1pective it’s impossible to know the amount of thought that may have had to go into the decision. Your heart is in the right place but I think the LBGT community has much bigger problems to worry about than Nintendo neglecting to add a game mechanic you wanted. If you open your eyes and look around, there are plenty of games that portray LBGT sexuality in a positive light, including the excellent, IGF-nominated Dys4ia.

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