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Put your visual acuity and memory muscle to the test in this label based, brain training challenge.


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  1. Jacob Pede1on says:

    Valve has their Linux Os to fall back on if Microsoft pulls something super shady. Although they have poured a ton of resources into SteamOS and Linux, I don’t think they’ve put enough into it just yet. In order to really compete with a potential closing of the windows OS, they absolutely cannot have x% of games that work on SteamOS. It has to be 100% of the Steam library! And that mea1 forking or contributing to Wine and dumping a crap ton of resources into it. The really wacky part of this situation is, that IF Valve gets SteamOS to 100% compatibility windows, then Microsoft can’t close windows, negating the whole reason to have SteamOS in the fi1t place.

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