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Drive through 10 fun levels where you race against an opponent truck and overcome the obstacles and hurdles that come in your way. Perform cool stunts like backflip and frontflip to gain bonus points. You can also use the turbo to get past your opponent when the race is too close in the finish line. The game offers you the option to choose between two trucks both with varying power and speed ratio, you can choose any one or at best try both to see the fun, pass through tunnels and overcome, up and downs to be the champion in this fun truck game. Each level has its own unique hurdle that will keep you engaged.


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  1. Bubba Satori says:

    “There is no remedy, sir, but you must die: the
    general says, you that have so traitorously
    discovered the secrets of your army and made such
    pestiferous reports of men very nobly held, can
    serve the world for no honest use; therefore you
    must die. Come, headsman, off with his head.”
    All&1quo;s Well That Ends Well IV, 3 William Shakespeare

  2. Buttonpants says:

    Excellent comment.nWhat seems weird to me, is that if a game lets you change your character (looks, or role (class/spec etc) it doesnt mean you have to make use of that system. It seems that people are mad that othe1 are able to make use of that option…

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