Wake The Beauty Up

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The Beauty always lazy on the bed.Today,your task is to wake her up,you can use the different tools.until she woke up .have fun!

Mouse to play.


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  1. Haylel says:

    This game is what happe1 when you start making copies of copies.
    It&1quo;s not even trying to be dota, it&1quo;s trying to be LoL… it even has the same keybinds by default, except it doesn&1quo;t have the undocumented ones.
    This MOBA doesn&1quo;t have Attack-Move.
    The heroes are all things that sound like a 8 year old thought them up, and the art direction makes me want to gouge my eyes out.
    The ONLY nice thing I can give it as a pro is the lobby area where you load in, giving the game a sort of visual chat room i1tead of just a menu screen.

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