Dirt Road Race

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Venture yourself into the off-road “jungle” and impose your supremacy as a dirt-road, 4×4 car driver, learning to handle all that intense speed and to control your massive vehicle while doing your best to eliminate all your rivals off the highway!


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  1. godzillaWax says:

    You&1quo;re totally wrong on this. Microsoft does a basic run through to make sure the game doesn&1quo;t just blue screen on startup. They are not respo1ible for verifying that your game has no bugs. That would be no1e1e. Microsoft would have to house thousands of QA just to test all indie games.nIt&1quo;s entirely the respo1ibility of the developer to verify that their game works. And they&1quo;re given a mulligan in the form of a free patch to fix things they missed. In this particular case, the developer shit the bed. They released a broken game and then made it wo1e with the patch. In most places that level of incompetence gets you fired. When you&1quo;re your own boss though, you get to just bitch on the internet about how unfair it is that you&1quo;re being charged (for a new patch) because you suck at what you do.

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