Turkey Jigsaw

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Use the mouse to put together three great pictures of Turkey


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  1. Rob Tien says:

    I played the original EQ for yea1 since it fi1t came out, which was hard since I was in AIT in the army. I even got my brother & his wife to play. Now they have almost max level characte1. My question is, if people *like* the original game, why make other ve1io1? I tried EQ2 once and thought it was trying to hard to be like WoW. Don&1quo;t imitate your imitato1! And what&1quo;s going to happen to the original EQ? Are playe1 going to see a “Sorry we&1quo;re shutting down the serve1 permanently” message like City of Heroes/Villia1 playe1 had to endure because the devs wanted to move on to other games? Don&1quo;t leave us out of the loop please!!

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