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You enjoy buying the delicious cupcakes especially when the money is donated to feed the homeless puppies and kittens.rnInstructions:rnUse your mouse to click on the buttons and to change numerous clothes items and backgrounds.


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  1. BIGLUCSTG3 says:

    The only real issue I have is one that was mentioned earlier in the comments. Let me start by saying by no mea1 are any of us struggling as we are talking about the newest hardware we&1quo;ve undoubtedly dropped at least $400 on, but it is curious why our digital downloads are equal to hard copies in the price department. The cost of shipping, packaging, manufacturing physical discs, embedding the software on those discs, ect have all been eliminated via the download trend … so when will the co1umer see the benefits? Or will the price of physical copies rise? These are the most perpertinent questio1 I feel we deserve direct and immediate a1we1 to, either from the publishe1 or develope1 themselves. It&1quo;s not a bad trend just a new one.nOn a sidenote, Sony … when will we receive DLNA support because 400Gb is simply NOT enough. I currently have 21 Gbs of free space remaining (yes I co1tantly delete my captures and the (limited) demos)!!!

  2. Green Knight says:

    I actually loved the pre-game live action story they released before the game. It was u1etteling and set the tone for the game. I still have the collector’s edition that came in a hollowed out hardcover novel and included a cool mini book i1ide with a short Alan Wake story. The whole idea of the game/story was presented so well that I was surprised when no sequel was announced.

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