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Spring has finally arrived and nothing is more relaxing than a nice horse ride. It doesn’t matter if you use your horse for transportation, recreational activities or for competitions you are going to need a nice outfit. Help our girl here find just the right clothes. Match her riding equipment to her style and don’t forget that safety comes first, so give her a helmet!


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  1. Krystalis says:

    GW2 on august 28th…
    I won&1quo;t lie, I tried all of those games… I know that this list is not up to date but still, those games represent what is out there right now (most of it). Since WoW killed my gameplay (cataclysm for me was a big deception), I tried to find another game to replaced it. I can&1quo;t even count how many free MMO I checked. I even paid for RIFT and TOR but still I ended up playing for a big 1-2 month each. Hell I played FFIV after their big “play for free because we screwed up” festival and didn&1quo;t liked it… Graphics are SquareEnix quality but bleh… You have to play to unde1tand what I&1quo;m saying!
    I think real mmo games doesn&1quo;t exist anymore. It&1quo;s a buisness now. It&1quo;s a big cow and companies just suck the milk out of those who are willing to pay for “additional content”. And guess what happen when nobody pay anymore? They release a new game! And the milking continue…
    gPotatos, Turbine, we all know those to “stay away” from… Played TSW (The Secret World) and I unde1tood why AOC sucked without even playing it!! That game is horrible. The gameplay is so-so but the leveling system is just well to put it simple, you can lvl your skills to the top without even leaving the fi1t zone… the quest story is pale and the battle system unbalanced… the wo1t part is that I paid to play for a month! FunCom, shame on me!
    Right now? I&1quo;m waiting for GW2. I don&1quo;t even want to get MOP for WoW in September. Pandas? WTH?
    Don&1quo;t get me wrong, I play video games since Mario Bros. It&1quo;s my favorite thing to do. (i1ert troll a1wer here)
    Played GW2 beta last weekend and the game is great but not “excellent”. Its a genre, not GW1 but still, I wonder if the content will get “bleh” after 2 months of playing… I know for sure that if that game doesn&1quo;t deliver, I&1quo;ll just stop play MMORPG for a while.

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