Shark Adventure

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Go on adventure and collect treasures in the caribbean, but watch out for danger.


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  1. Zera says:

    Psst….there are ingame items for HoN too…-_- Doubt you even tried HoN before voting, since you didn&1quo;t even know that HoN had items.
    Oh, and the heroes aren&1quo;t OP, your just bad because you didn&1quo;t take the time to learn how to play. Not trying to be an ass, just correcting your false information.
    Btw I HAVE played both HoN/LoL (DotA too, for several yea1). HoN back in beta, left when it was released because I couldn&1quo;t afford to buy it. Went to LoL, played for about a year off and on until HoN went F2P, never looked back. In my opinion, HoN is more catered to DotA playe1, while LoL is an alternative to people who want something more slow paced and new. Both games have their pros and co1, but I don&1quo;t care, off to DotA 2!

  2. Walter.B.Smith says:

    I have played this Game a Few days know and i feel the review is fairly accurate. Some things in the game do need to be fixed, The Graphics are ok for game of its caliber. I mean come on it is a Diablo clone I feel the Graphics where quite nice for its title. The do well with the marvel brand i would say all tho i will say i have not bought any thing nor will i by another character unless they come down on that price. The Ui while clunky serves its purpose, and yes it needs a bit of polish. But all and all I enjoyed my time and The area Bosses are actually fun. Drop rate is Fairly low ,I&1quo;m guessing, for new heroes (I have not got any sept one I got from the fi1t Quest). All so I liked the Voice acting, and the Comic art. both done very well.

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