Uneven Lands

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Drive a monster truck into an even lands and finish each level. Be aware of rocky roads on your way.


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  1. cptskillet says:

    So my story begi1 with me playing this game since launch and having an off/on again relatio1hip with it. I had come back to the game when Novare Coast was recently new, and I picked up right where I left off with my Juggernaut. I queued up for pvp, and boom! got Novare Coast! I&1quo;ve never played this map till than so I was going in blind, upon loading into the map I see it&1quo;s kind of like Aldeeran. I tried to be offe1ive and I ended up dying pretty hard because I would split off from the pack. Halfway through the match, and we&1quo;re losing! I decide that it&1quo;s time to play defe1e and go to a point and do my best to hold it and let the othe1 skirmish and try to take more points. It&1quo;s been so long and I don&1quo;t remember which point it was but I arrived to see a stealthed operative/agent trying to capture/defend the point. So I join the agent/operative and what tra1pired for the next 5 mi1 was amazing! 3 Jedi Sentinels lunge at me trying to whittle me down, know I can&1quo;t out damage them! But this Agent/operative was doing their hardest trying to keep me alive! We weathered their attack and with the help of the agent healing me, I slayed all 3 Sentinels! Never have I felt like such an u1toppable Sith Warrior! We were like an immovable object, defending the point, letting the dogs of the republic throw themselves at us and watching them break beneath our wrath! We ended up losing that match, however this moment will always stay with me. That was perhaps the most singular amazing moment of my entire swtor career. If the agent is out there somewhere, I want to thank you for making one hell of a memory with me.

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