Bench Press

Our most popular game! Hammer the keyboard with both hands till your arms fall o [...]

Monster High Party Cleanup

Donna seeks your help in cleaning the room in which they had a party last night. [...]

Ice Mermaid Princess

If you enjoyed Ice Mermaid Princess, take a look at our other Princess Dress-up [...]

Pull-ups aka Chins

Can you pull your own weight? This is a faithful rendition of the classic streng [...]

Athletic Javelin

A modern version of the classic track & field event. Build up speed and then exe [...]

Summer Santa Kid

This addicting game called Summer Santa Kid will keep you playing for hours! Don [...]

Winter Weddings

Lori likes puffy wedding dresses, and she requests you to select such kind of dr [...]

Athletic Long Jump

Classic Track & Field event. Both with traditional keyboard control and innovati [...]

Vampire Castle

Vampire Castle

HotSpot Net Cafe

It's the busiest net cafe near the college. As usual cafe is house full surfing [...]

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