Cat Day Care Deluxe

It is a new pet game with cats for girls. Your task is to take care of these cut [...]

Girl Beach Volleyball

This girl is heading to the beach to play one of her favorite summer sports, bea [...]

Baby Hadley Fun

Hey there, welcome to a new baby caring game! rnIt's so easy to take care of bab [...]

Pageant Queen Makeover

Hello,everybody! Welcome to the beauty pageant held once a year! Here gather the [...]

Briar Beauty Hairstyles

Briar Beauty has long, wavy brown hair with pink streaks, partially tied into a [...]

Caring Carol – Baby Boy

Take care of this cute baby boy with our first "Caring Carol" game! First give h [...]

Gorgeous Bride Makeup

The girl finally to marry his beloved lover.Her happy romantic wedding is coming [...]

Cooking Super Macarons

Heya… do you love macaroons? In this new cooking game you get the chance to lear [...]

Make Baked Apples

Learn how to cook a classic dessert, very simple and a great way to use up cooki [...]

Krissy Disco Outfit

Krissy is a young pretty girl who likes entertainments and fun! Today she is goi [...]

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