Rihanna Real Makeover

Rihanna is a Barbadian recording artist and actress. She is a well known icon in [...]

Tennis Girl Dressup

This girl is a real sporting enthusiast. One of her favorite sports is tennis. T [...]

Playful Squirrel Day Care

Hey Kids! Squirrels are most sympathetic and playful creatures who live a forest [...]

Girl visits Dubai

Barbie is going on a city trip to Dubai. She will be staying in one the most lux [...]

Girl visits Moscow

The Red Square in Moscow is one of the most popular city squares of the world. T [...]

Lovely Snowman Dressup

Every child likes to build a snowman and is very happy when snowing outside, thi [...]

Dress Up Delilah

Beeeeeep! The alarm just went off, and it's time for Delilah to get ready for sc [...]

Krissy Back to School

Krissy is a schoolgirl and she is going back to school after summer holidays. Yo [...]

Fruit Salsa Chips

Circus team Chef will prepare a special recipe for the tonight event, Fruit Sals [...]

Stylist for the Stars

These fashionistas are each going to a different kind of event and they all need [...]

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