Banishment of Magic

The King outlawed magic in the kingdom. His guards are on their way to arrest us [...]


Detective, we have a search warrant. Maybe will be enough to help put this high [...]

The King’s Inquisitor

One of the king's guards is a traitor. He has been practicing witchcraft. You ne [...]

Cursed Museum

Some very strange things started happening in this museum. Some of the items may [...]

Celebrity Party

Last night we had one of our hotel guests in their apartment, and they had a par [...]

Princess Palace

Explore this beautiful Princess palace and collect different items from the give [...]

Holiday in the Countryside

Take a chance to spend a relaxing day in this countryside and find some interest [...]

New Playground

Find the hidden toys and differences in this playground.

New Dream Garden

Step into this dream garden. Try to find all hidden objects and spot the differe [...]

Space Junk Hidden Objects

Find the twenty number objects within the pictures of Space Junk

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