Traffic Mania

Managing a busy crossroads is hard at the best of times, but when the traffic li [...]

Beach Fruity Snack

Get behind the counter and attend to all these tiny thirsty customers! After som [...]

Dress Up Shop Spring Collection

Your job is to maintain the customers turning to up to your shop by providing th [...]

Pampered Puppies

These puppies need all the attention and affection that you could give them, you [...]

Jennifer Rose: Babysitter in Love 3

Jennifer Rose is back and she works as a babysitter again. This time she takes c [...]

Fanny’s Pet Shelter

Welcome to the Fanny's Pet Shelter! You are going to take care of cute animals w [...]

Jungle Cubs 2

Step into the jungle and... start working your skills as a jungle cubs nanny! Th [...]

Delicious Sandwiches

This is your very first day at the Delicious Sandwiches restaurant! As you can g [...]

Jennifer Rose: Fitness with Flirt

Jennifer Rose works at the Gym and she runs Fitness classes. Help Jenny to serve [...]

NYC Mafiosi

New York City, 1929: welcome to the height of the American Prohibition. The Five [...]

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