Silent Town Escape

You need to go to another town before night time. It’s either figure out a way t [...]

Abandoned Cruise Mystery

The ship was abandoned a long time ago, you play as a ghost who was trapped insi [...]

Toxic Tunnel Escape

In this game, you’re trapped inside a toxic tunnel and you need to solve the puz [...]

Secret Base Escape

You are a special agent who is trapped in some secret enemy base. Activate the d [...]

Billiard Club Escape

You woke up and find yourself trapped in the billiard club. Do what you need to [...]

Minimalist Room Escape

In Minimalist Room Escape you need to solve mathematical equation to get to the [...]

John Dares for Treasures

If a treasure box could change your life overnight, then the dreadful path that [...]

Shapik: The Quest

This is an epic story of Shapik, traveling through magic forest in search of his [...]

Dolphin Ball 3

Help the dolphin clear all the balls before the octopus reach the island. You ca [...]

Escape the basement

You are locked in a room.rnCan you find a way out?rn

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