Slider Pro

advanced 2048 version with extended game play and innovative power ups.

Skyline Maker

Skyline Maker is a simple but addicting puzzle game. In it, you need to add and [...]

Math Games

Practice your Math skills in an entertaining and challenging way! Six different [...]

Christmas Memory Match

Christmas Memory Match! Match up the pairs of christmas icons in this fun memory [...]

Equal Logic

Equal logic is a puzzle math game. Playing this game is simple as well as challe [...]


Ciphers is an addicting highscores puzzle game that will improve your Math skill [...]

Halloween Hangman

Classic hangman flash game. 8 attempts on each word. 10 categorys to choose word [...]

Krissy Back to School

Krissy is a schoolgirl and she is going back to school after summer holidays. Yo [...]

Dream Boy

Emily seems to fall in love... Who's he? What form is he from? Why hasn't she se [...]

Amanda Goes To School

Our little girl Amanda is always excited when she goes to school. One of the rea [...]

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