Turn Me On

It is a weird adventure of a button. Click on it to guide it to its place. Get h [...]


Control a water mining bot on planet Mars. Break through the rocks to release wa [...]

Agent Higgs

Scientists around the world are searching for the elusive Higgs particle. Turns [...]

Inventive Ami

Laboratory seems to be a second home for Ami. None of the extreme experiments or [...]

Agent Higgs: Chapter 2

Agent Higgs is on the run, again. The problem is -- physicists now *know* he exi [...]

Velocity Raptor

Velocity Raptor must travel near the speed of light to save the world!rnHave you [...]

Amoeba’s Life

Offer your help to the amoeba so that it can grow healthily and safely! Your goa [...]

Home – Lightyear Odyssey

Your mission was to find "The Odyssey": the ship whose gravity-altering technolo [...]

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