Cat Day Care Deluxe

It is a new pet game with cats for girls. Your task is to take care of these cut [...]

City Grill And Bake

Are you hungry? These hungry kids went out and they are looking for a place to b [...]

Pirates Seafood Restaurant

Welcome to Pirate Seafood Restaurant. Here you have to serve the pirates with pr [...]

Electronics Shop

John has just opened his own store. Here at the store you can find any electroni [...]

Puppies Meal Time

Lord, Spike, Lassie and Spot are 4 lovely puppies who share the meal every day. [...]

Pizza Corner

Leo opened a new pizzeria in our town. He is a talented chef and his pizzas are [...]

Burger Shop Frenzy

Burger Shop Frenzy is a game that will put to test both your serving and cooking [...]

Shopping Girls

Welcome to our shop! This is the real world of fashion and every item matters he [...]

Flourish Spa

Welcome to the world of health and wellness! Your task is to help this pretty gi [...]

Anson Cake Shop

Maya\'s confectionery is the best in town. This is not just my opinion but many [...]

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